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Jackie Ramstedt Offers Individualized Seminars to Meet Your Apartment Industry Needs


All of these sessions are subject matter specific and can be easily combined to create exactly the seminar for your specific needs.

NEW FOR 2019!

"Rekindling Your Passion for the Job: Making it Fun to Go to Work Again.”

    When was the last time you said to yourself, “I just can’t wait to get to work today!”  Last week? Yesterday?  NEVER?  As leaders in our industry your PASSION is what drives your performance AND the performances of all your employees. Every year new challenges and changes takes its toll on your energy level, both mentally and physically. What you need is a major rekindling of that passionate spirit …that zest for competition and cutting edge performance for the most creative marketing, selling, and management ideas.

     Do you ever wonder how you can be more, do more and create more success in your role at work? Are you curious about the things it takes to rise above stresses of the daily grind while standing out and displaying exemplary performance to those around you? Or maybe you've just been trying to figure out how to make a difference and/or get ahead. If any of this sounds familiar, perhaps you simply need a road map to ultimately figure out your destination while determining how to get there 

     Today, the prevailing wisdom is changing with new watchwords and key phrases such as “collaboration”, “shared ownership”, “personal commitment” and “common values”. As the watchwords change, so do the methods of effective leadership and vision, and approaches to building strong, successful teams. 


Learning Objectives:

·         Creating the ability to manage yourself and your job more effectively

·         Gaining a clearer understanding of how to “read” others

·         Develop new skills and insights to address the things that impact your performance including your emotions, procrastination sins, managing multiple projects, and those times when the boss needs it ALL yesterday.

·         Understanding the sins of leadership: what NOT to do if you want to be respected without the organization

·         Incorporating Personal Action Accelerators to be your best for 2017 and beyond


“It’s not the desire to succeed that assures success…It’s the discipline to prepare yourself for it!”


“High Octane Employees Deliver Superior Results,

But Where Are They?”

From The Company’s Perspective…..

Most management companies have Two Basic Prime Objectives which have a significant impact on the long term value of each asset. What are they?

“One of the stepping stones to a world-class operation is to tap into the creative and intellectual power of each and every employee.” Harold A. Poling ~Former CEO ~ Ford Motor Company 

“There is at least one point in the history of any company when you have to change dramatically to rise to the NEXT LEVEL of performance. Miss that moment…and you start to decline.” Andrew S. Grove – Former Chairman, Intel Corporation

Effective communication is measured not by how we say things, but rather how we are understood.

What we think or what we know, or what we believe is in the end of  little consequence as is what we do!


Every year I survey my clients to see what the “buzz” is about educational needs for their company, their employees and themselves and this year it was overwhelmingly unanimous.  So here are a few of my NEWEST sessions!

#1:  “Dear Residents: We Love You So Much We’re Raising Your Rent!”

(Value Added Selling)

    Leasing today to a savvier, well informed prospect is challenging at best, but even more difficult is convincing our current residents that these renewal increases are actually worth it. How can we persuade them of the “added value” concept if we haven’t shown that value throughout their current lease term? Once the “honeymoon” is over, now real life issues begin to emerge. Promises made during that initial relationship phase are put to the test. Miscommunications, lack of compassion, or negative responses to emotional situations can become a harsh reality.  Clearly everyone is stressed these days but to our residents, the onsite staff doesn’t have that luxury of lack of patience for the resident, because as they say, “I pay a lot of money to live here…and now you want more?!”

#2: “I’m A Millennial in a Baby Boomer Body!”

(Communication Strategies for All Generations)

     Isn't if funny that as we get older we seem to have a "difference of opinions" on quite a lot of subjects. Our parents say, "When I was YOUR age...” our children say," You just don't understand!” our coworkers say, "Why are you so mad? It's no big deal", and our boss says, "When I had your job, we were able to get things done....why can't you?" The fact is that ALL businesses today are prone to friction between the different generations. Lack of understanding and the skills to handle today's generational challenges is crucial to everything in our lives. Typical example is the different perspectives on the meaning of "work ethics"...how work should be done and what the workplace should be can be a "hot bed" of conflict, and not to mention our increasingly demanding residents.

                * Understanding how personalities are also a huge factor in the human equation

                * Communication preferences & skill levels to be most effective

                * Ways to overcome workplace "drama and stress"

                * Creating solutions to "narrowing the gaps" between generations

"We need to remember across generations that there is as much to learn as there is to teach."  Gloria Steinem

#3: “Employee Engagement: Just How Engaged Are Your Teams?”

(Team Performance, Motivation, and Happiness in the Workplace)

      "Choose a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life." – Unknown. Employee engagement is a workplace approach designed to ensure that employees are committed to their organization’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to organizational success, and are able at the same time, to enhance their own sense of well-being. The Gallup Poll reports only 13% of employees are engaged at work. Managers struggle with disengaged employees as their #1 point of pain! This is a key cultural protocol for workforce optimization worldwide. Is your leadership supporting engagement protocol? Review high-profit culture protocols from around the world with crossover implementation projects on property management test sites. Explore examples of tools, techniques, programs, strategies, environmental staging, results, personality traits, and at what point your company gains it’s ROI on your employees.

#4. “High Octane Employees Deliver Superior Results – But Where Are They?”

 (Finding, Hiring and Retaining Top Performing Employees) 

    We have quickly hit a significant talent shortage in the multifamily industry – as property management "veterans" retire taking a wealth of knowledge with them. Developers continue to build and investors continue to acquire properties – clamoring for well-trained employees. But who is replacing the tenured performers who are leaving the industry? A new generation of "industry learners" is disconnected from what's really important in delivering superior results because they don't always understand "what's really important" to the various stakeholders in our business. Attendees will learn a new way of thinking about the value of their employees and even their own careers.

#5: “From Self-ies to Us-ies”! 10 Sure Fire Tips to Amazing Customer Service”- BRAND NEW for 2018

      So even with all we do for our customers and they STILL aren’t happy? REALLY?! Sound familiar? Creating value for these higher rental amount increases is definitely a perceptional concept. What we “think they want” VS “what they REALLY want” can be diametrically opposing viewpoints. The customer’s perception is YOUR reality. “The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary”, says Sam Walton of Wal-Mart. 

      In this seminar we will show 10 “sure fire” ideas that other businesses outside our industry are doing to improve their customer service response times and improve overall customer satisfaction levels to new heights. “Merely satisfying customers will not be enough to earn their loyalty. Instead, they must experience exceptional service worthy of their repeat business and referral and understand the factors that drive this customer revolution.” Rick Tate, Author of Legendary Service





Turning Your Weakest Link into Your Strongest Asset!

  In any business today there seems to still be a challenge of finding the right people for the right job, nurturing and educating those individuals to bring out their best qualities for the team's overall cohesiveness, and then maintaining that strong, cooperative, and productive team for longer than just a few months!

 As with our own industry, turnover of employees, differences between the management and maintenance perspectives of the on-site operations, as well as on-site VS corporate viewpoints, can make huge weaknesses in communication, collaboration, and ultimately a team's performance.

 Division of viewpoints, attitudes, priorities, communication skills and even the lack of understanding of the "bigger picture" has, in some cases, developed into some obvious tension between teammates.


  After all, tenure doesn't mean a thing in this business if you aren't leading your team and improving your own career, because the only job security is for your team to be more talented tomorrow than they are today!"


In It To Win It: "Level II The Next Level of Commitment" 

This seminar takes your team to the "NEXT LEVEL" of the original "In It to Win It" series with one huge difference. This session is completely geared toward building the two areas on on site teams, "management VS maintenance" focusing on perspective issues, communication differences, solution opinions, and creating more effective methods of working together as a team to achieve the higher goals our companies have set in 2012. Again, total 100 % audience involvement is the key! Some of the highlights address personality strengths, differences, challenges, understanding how the generations are influenced and motivated, why the "carrot and the stick" syndrome doesn't work anymore, "The Problem and The Solution" - Scenario brainstorming, and finally the impact of leadership styles affecting the team's performance as a whole.

In It To Win It: "Teambuilding for Today's Performance Level!" 

Training, training, and MORE training. Seems we as an industry have finally gotten back to the idea that training is a huge part of a company's success. The more your people know the better their performance becomes and the more they accomplish toward the company's goals. 
So how can we combine necessary training information while still cultivating and maintaining excitement for attending? The time spent away from the property must, in the eyes of the employee, be WORTH that time away from their job, and in an environment of FUN for the learning process. It all starts with how the team perceives training as a whole.
Creating strong, productive teams with individuals eager to learn and grow, no matter what position they hold, on site, corporate, or upper management, need to have certain characteristics to be effective, successful, and cohesive and have a positive mind-set toward the training process.
In this FAST PACED, HIGHLY INTERACTIVE workshop, we learn to build those teams capable of handling today's challenges using 10 of the best characteristics of a highly successful team.

                                       Competition is the key!



Creating a strong foundation for performance with all the paperwork and documentation we have to provide these days to accurately run our businesses, it's the other half of the coin, "THE PEOPLEWORK", that we must now focus on for this next year. This "brand new series" of seminars focuses on how each member of your team, both on site and corporate, must work together to create a new world of service to not only our demanding customers, but to each other. Success can only be accomplished when all sides of an organization work well together. It's all about your PEOPLE!

Developing Sales Skills For Today's Customers; "You Had Me At Hello!"

In this age of strong competition, with new communities springing up on every corner, this seminar's focus is on how to make the leasing experience one that "stands out from the rest.... memorable". We take the "entire leasing experience" from initial contact over the telephone, to greeting and qualifying that prospect, understanding their needs and wants, using those needs to customize their demonstration of the apartment home or model, overcoming any objections they might have, "asking for the money and application", to finally the follow up after they leave. The "full cycle" of leasing is paramount to the success of each encounter with our customer, as well as our ability to "close the deal".

Customers For Life! "Renewing Our Vows of Commitment"

Even in a good market we are never guaranteed on "keeping" our residents. People are people no matter how much rent they pay or what their income level is; everyone is a valued asset to your property and to your company. Resident retention and customer service programs for all members of your team, including maintenance, must create an environment where residents are our greatest advocate for our service efforts. Establishing a "world class" approach to customer service with specific goals for every member of the team is the key. However creating a strong resident retention / customer service plan and effectively communicating with your "customers" to make them want to stay can be very challenging at times, especially when answering those difficult questions of "perceived value". That is why we will take a closer look at the following areas to help you "look through your resident's eyes".

It's Time To Start Making Money: "The Days Of The Deals Are Done!"

Competition for housing has grown astronomically in the past 5 years all over the United States, in just about every market. Although we are still struggling with physical occupancy in some areas, it is the economic occupancy that has really suffered when competing for those ever-demanding prospects that are constantly looking for the "best deals" as their primary decision for leasing. The real problem has been compounded by not only lowering market rates but coupled with insane amounts of move in specials and "deals" that have been so prevalent these past few years. Now here is our challenge: we have used the "crutches" of exorbitant concession deals and lowered market rates for so long, that breaking these bad habits and closing the sale without these "tools" is going to be very difficult, especially for those consultants who have only been in the business for the past few years and only know THIS technique of closing the sale. So how can we gently nudge rental rates while reducing the temptation of using those "bargaining concessions"?

Marketing to Today's Customers: "50 Free Ways To Increase Occupancy and Retain Residents!"

This is a very "user-friendly seminar" that will allow the attendees to actually make their very own, personally created for their resident profile, marketing plans that they may return to their properties and implement immediately. Attendees will leave with "50" numbered individual ideas from which to make their marketing plans for the year!

Hiring The Right Person For The Right Job!: "Behavorial Interviewing Skills"

As with most organizations, the people are the greatest asset. But it seems that in OUR industry, we still habitually hire out of desperation, a shortage of time to fulfill the position, from a seemingly dwindling pool of "really good talent", AND with little forethought into what we actually NEED for the position we are trying to fill! And, more importantly, we don't hire people to FIT into our existing teams to make that team run more efficiently...more productive. So how can you hire the RIGHT people for your company? How can we interview to find not only the best candidate for the specific job requirements, but the best PERSON that will help make the performance of that particular team more productive? What process should we follow? What questions should we be asking instead of those "vague, general standard" type questions that will solicit the "REAL" qualities we need to make a successful match?

Challenges in Leadership Roles: "Communication Issues Between On Site and Corporate"

As with most organizations, your people are your greatest asset and the education and leadership of those people is crucial to your company's success. The skills, talents, personalities, experiences , and ability to "lead their people right" are the "heart" of what separates your company from the competition. Having a leadership position and being a leader are NOT the same. It is based on what you do today and what you will do tomorrow...not what's printed on your business card! Understanding the communication challenges between on site concerns and corporate level employees can be daunting...no wonderful we have such turmoil, frustration, and performance differences! Perception is reality in the eye of the beholder!  

The Maintenance Perspective: "Do Your Best, Then Caulk The Rest"

With the ever-increasing amount of competition in the multihousing industry, service is a very strong competitive commodity. There are so many different styles of multihousing accommodations including a wide array of amenity packages for a prospective customer to choose from, that it becomes confusing at best, to tell the difference from property to property. In fact, many times the recreational amenities are not as important to the prospective resident, as "what services do you provide? "The # 1 reason people rent or lease their home, instead of purchasing, IS for the services provided. Being able to pick up a telephone and call in a Service Request for a broken dishwasher or garbage disposal, and knowing that request will be done within a day, is why they are "voting with their dollars" and paying rent." Your professional maintenance team influences much more than just "fixing or repairing" things, they are the corner stone of your cash flow!

Ending The Feud: "Communication Skills for Maintenance & Management"

There is an underlying current of unrest on apartment communities that has been growing over the past few years. It is a "feud", for lack of a better description, between the management and maintenance sides of the on-site operations. This division of viewpoints, attitudes, priorities, and communication skills plus the lack of understanding of the "big picture" has, in some cases, developed into an all out war between these two groups. In this seminar we analyze some basic conflicts including personalities differences, communication skills, building good relationships, priority planning, and customer service. Finally we end the session with the participants actually playing a version of the television game show, "The Family Feud", with members from both maintenance and management. This fast-paced, fun-filled exercise shows how effective it can be to work together as a team in a fun environment to accomplish a common goal.

HowTo Deal With Angry Residents

Have you ever known someone who has that "proverbial black cloud" hanging over them? It seems that NOTHING you do could make them happy. Ever demanding customers with increasing needs and problems drain every bit of patience we have everyday. So how can we deal with these "un-deal-able" people?

  • What Makes Them SOOOOOO Unbearable?
  • Don't Let Your Own Personal Problems Add In
  • Finding Out The "Real" Problem
  • Overcoming The Rage: Apologize!
  • "Win-Win" Solutions
  • Proactive Approach For The Future

A PASSION FOR PERFORMANCE: "How Does Your Attitude Stack Up?"

Stress...stress...and more stress. No time to get anything accomplished. The market is soft; the competition is giving everything away! Traffic has slowed to a crawl, and what little traffic you DO get...isn't qualified! How can you compete? Day after day it's the same thing, with no sense of accomplishment. Your job is definitely no fun anymore. What you need is a major rekindling of that passionate spirit you once had ...that zest for competition and cutting edge challenges for the most creative marketing and selling ideas. So how do you "find" that passion again?

The Making Of A Championship Team: "Let Coach Jackie Show You How It's Done!"

Employees increasingly want to feel that at work, where they spend the bulk of their waking hours, they make a difference, they are making a contribution, and their life has meaning. The strength of your team determines the success of your business! How well does your team work together? Are their goals in line with your company goals? Let "Coach Jackie" help develop your team and take them to the winner's circle!.


For additional areas of specific training focus please click on the "TOPICS" link at bottom of the page.

Your seminar at TAA Education Conference in San Antonio was refreshing and inspiring! There was a lot of great information that would benefit both the newbees and the oldbees in our industry

One of my comments on the evaluation form was a recommendation to TAA to offer this class as an extended session seminar in the future. Look forward to seeing you in Houston at next year's conference, and maybe in Amarillo before that.

Samantha Scott, CAPS, CAMT
Apartment Association of the Panhandle
Amarillo, Texas
You were amazing, the entire group was engaged. I have numerous e-mails from our vendor partners complimenting you.
Again - Thank you, Allen

Allen Balian
Vice President Maintenance Operations
The Irvine Communities