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Jackie Ramstedt of Ramstedt Enterprises INC is an Apartment Expert and Apartment Industry Performance Coach with Over 27 Years of Experience in the Multi-family Industry as a Keynote Speaker and Performance Coach



Three Fantastic Sessions with Jackie

Date: Thursday, April 14, 2016
Time: 9-10:15AM
Ending the Feud: Communication Skills
for Maintenance & Management

Every family has its issues—and chances are,
your work family does, too. Management
and maintenance teams have different
priorities and viewpoints, and without good
communication and a focus on the big
picture, a little division can devolve into an
all-out war. Call a truce and learn how to
build effective relationships to get the job
done for your residents. Put your new skills
to the test in a fun-filled version of “The
Family Feud” game show.



“What Are You Spending Your Company’s Money On To Keep Your Employees Happy?”

Motivation and reward, in today’s world, has such a different meaning than just receiving a paycheck to get your employees to do their best and keep your company moving in a positive direction.

People are motivated by so many different other areas such as, time off to be with a family member, shifting workloads or work hours, or customizing their responsibilities to “fit their talents and skills”,


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Apartment Expert & Performance Coach

Jackie Ramstedt is a nationally renowned multifamily management consultant, performance coach, apartment expert, and industry speaker with more than 30 years' experience in the apartment industry. If you need to schedule a corporate wide educational series she will tailor her performance coaching to your individual needs. She can help train your people in topics including management and leadership, sales and marketing techniques, and effective team building. As an apartment expert, she can also help instruct your team on how to work with problem residents to create a better customer service oriented business.

Multifamily & Apartment Consultant

As an apartment industry performance coach Jackie can focus her training on Fair Housing Compliance. With her professional training and coaching, she can help someone in your company become a sales and marketing specialist. Jackie also excels as a multifamily consultant, and her blog can provide you with management solutions.

Multifamily & Apartment Industry Speaker

You will not find an apartment Industry speaker with a better philosophy of property management. She will teach your team about topics like property operations management and ethics. As an apartment expert, she has spoken to thousands of apartment industry professionals on a national level for the National Apartment Association, the Multi Housing World Conference, and more.

Find out more about Jackie Ramstedt Apartment Industry Consultants.


I just want to let you know that I appreciate all that you have taught me these last couple of weeks and you have put a fire in me to be the best manager I can be.

Also, check out my signature block! My name has never looked so good with that CAM next to it!

Thank you again!

Elke N. Robb, CAM
Property Manager
Somerset Apartments
6620 SE 5th Street
Des Moines, IA 50315

Elke Robb, CAM
Property Manager
Hubbell Realty
Des Moines, Iowa
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